How the EC dealt with Typhoon Ambo

Typhoon Ambo

WHILE combating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Quezon Province was struck by the first storm of 2020, Ambo, on May 15. Preparations were made complicated as health guidelines and social distancing were needed to be observed.

It is a known fact that natural calamities like this are the number one problem of ECs nationwide especially those areas with dense vegetation. This thing is not controllable but can be prevented. One way to do it is by conducting right of way clearing of those areas with tall trees and climbers that reach power lines which impose great danger if not cleared. But COVID-19 made it impossible for the EC to conduct right of way clearing that when Ambo arrived, we were left devastated.

Ambo brought about Php3 Million worth of damage to Quezelco 2. This included cost of materials, labor, and overhead. National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP)’s 69kV line in Infanta-Famy was affected and a pole was seen burning in Brgy. Tignoan, Real, Quezon which resulted to power outage to REINA area at 3:22 in the afternoon of May 15. This is to be expected as heavy rains poured in and strong winds gushed over the whole coverage area. At this point, the engineers and linemen of Quezelco 2 headed by former TSD Manager and now Officer-in-Charge, Engr. Von Erwin Azagra & Engr. Vincent Villaruel immediately called for Damage Assessment Meeting the following day, May 16.

Quezelco 2 was in constant coordination with NGCP personnel to provide up-to-date power situation report to member-consumer-owners. It is to be noted that when an NGCP line is affected, Quezelco 2 has no control over it but can only do coordination and help in patrolling of lines for the power supply to be restored quickly yet safely. Power was restored to the main line and Poblacion areas between 5-6PM on May 16. Power in barangays was not yet restored because of huge damage in lines, poles, and service wires.

Amid the stormy weather which made it difficult for our linemen to perform their task, repairs and maintenance of each barangay carried on. They devote so much of their time and energy, working even at night, to bring comfort in every household especially in times like this. While it is easy to complain and burst out in social media, it is more beneficial for both parties if we practice more understanding of the situation and have lots of patience.

Typhoon Ambo is just one of the challenges that Quezelco 2 faces every year. Rest assured that the management and employees of the coop are doing whatever it takes to further improve its service to the member-consumer-owners to provide continuous and uninterrupted distribution of electricity for the integrity and reliability of its power lines.